Olympiakos Piräus – Gate 7

Pyrpshow von Gate 7 beim Spiel Olympiakos Piräus gegen Panathinaikos Athen (29.11.2009)

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  1. Nur 50 Tage: Ewald Lienen verlässt Piräus | deinfussball.de says:

    […] Grund für seinen schnellen Abschied dürfte klar sein. Olympiakos Piräus ist in der Qualifikation zur Europa League kläglich gegen Maccabi Tel Aviv gescheitert. Das […]

  2. Lucien says:

    ##133. BB Richard 11 MarSo was our good run after JM left because of AG or in spite of him? My worry is this — if you take the three ’serious’ goals we coednced Arsenal, Spurs and Barnsley— Arsenal, cross to the back post, Gallas easy header, Spurs, cross to the back post — Woodgate easy header, Barnsley — cross to back post, Odejayi easy header. Is this a pattern or what? Have our army of coaches spotted it? What’s happened to our rock solid back four and unbeatable goalkeeper(s)?Are u serious!!! i dont get to watch a lot of the matches and when we loose i dont want to see.We seem to be conceding all the goals from set peices!!! not goodReply

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